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By: F.P.I. & S.P.I. founder Jamie McCaskill


So you think your house is haunted? You probobly are hearing bangs, bumps, and other noises in the night, or maybe, in some cases, you have seen a figure.

Does this mean you have a spirit and/or ghost in your home? Well lets explore this question a little more. What you should first do is think rationally. It is ok for you to be affraid, but what you have to remember is that sometimes environmental conditions can cause you to see, feel, and/or hear odd occurances. What you should first do is try and figure out if what you are experiencing is a ghost, stand up and follow the noise or figure, see if you can explain it. Maybe that banging you heard was a tree limb banging on the wall outside, or something falling off an uneven shelf. Maybe that shadow figure you saw was the shadow of someone walking down the street.

The second thing you should do is document what happened. Get out a sheet of paper and jot down notes, such as what happened, what the weather was like outside, what time it was, etc. then jot down what you found when you explored the area, did you find that there was a limb scratching against the house? Then take out your camera and photograph the area.

Did you not find any evidence of possible explinations? Then it's time to take the next step. DO NOT INVESTIGATE YOUR OWN HOME! You do not want to open the door to make the haunting more serious. You should not record E.V.P., use a "Ouija board" or other spirit communication. Some Investigators will tell you to go ahead and try to film the activity, but in my mind that will also open the door to the haunting getting worse.

What should I look for when searching for a Investigative team? This can get a little difficult for you never know the people, but I will try to give you some input here. The first thing you should look for is, how does their website make you feel? Is it "Spooky looking"? Is there "Ghostbuster" Logos? Then these teams probobly are not serious, they are probobly just looking for something to do on the weekends. Do they list their "by-laws" or "protocal" on their site? If not then they probobly do not have any and there team is just a group of friends looking for fun. Do you really want a team like this in your home? Do they have pictures of their team members with names? first and last? If not, what are they hiding? They could possibly be a team of crooks or felons. One thing to remember is that any professional team will first do an interview with you during this interview they should have a form, or a computer that they fill out. And either that day or the day of their first visit they should bring out a form that you will sign that gives them premission to investigate your property. If not, the team is not "professional" and are just looking for a good time. Now heres the million dollar question (Literally): Should I pay for these services? No real paranormal group will charge for their services, be leary of these groups. It is ok for them to ask for traveling expences if they have to travel long distances to help you, if you feel comfortable with that. And it is ok to offer them reembursement for batteries and gas but they should never ask for this. Always bare in mind there are plenty of groups out there with different methodology, some may offer services in the metaphysical, some may be more scientific (which I prefer and practice) some may use a mixture. It is up for you to decide which you would rather have in your home. Just remember when chosing a team, never let one hurt the plenty, one team may be rude, just abandon them and search for another team, do not let this bad team ruin your need for help.

These are some of the things to look for when searching a team.

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