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I Moved to Fostoria about 8 years ago. One night after a fight between my wife and i, she went upstairs and i we left in the kitchen holding my head and leaning on the counter when i hear "are you all right?" clearly in a womens voice. i turned around to check the back door in the kitchen leading upstairs but it was closed and the doors in the house where not quiet you can hear them open or close. I went the other way around to the other set of french doors and they where closed also. 

The next day i asked my wife if she came down to check on me she said no but she was hearing things also.

About a month when by and we decided to leave a camera rolling over night we didn't see anything on the video but we did catch an EVP it was a womans voice only stating 'Please" .

I origonaly  joined this site around the time we where hearing things mostly doing research on EVPs and such I no longer have the video with the EVP and the house is no longer standing.

Just thought i would shear a little

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