Fostoria Paranormal Investigations

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena)

EVP is a phrase used by Paranormal Investigators to discribe disembodied voices caught on audio that was not heard at the time of the recording. Here is a small selection of EVP caught by F.P.I.

This "Humming" was caught in the basement of a private residence, when I was discovered that the battery in my mtion detector was dead, the humming makes the same noise as my motion detector. (may need headphones to hear it)



In this EVP caught on the second floor of a private residence, Jennifer and a group of female investigators caught the sound of a male telling them to "get out"


In this EVP we visit a private home we had been at before and Justin Introduces member Don to the supposed spirit and they say "HI"


Justin was speaking about how normal things can confuse you and you can believe it paranormal and a voice says "no" or "get outta here"


Jamie speaks about his "toolbelt" and a voice asks "whats that?"

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